On this page, you will see photos representing various stages of a typical FCI Project.

FCI Residential Project Worksite

Security Alarm Installation
Made Easy For Everyone

Access Control Reader

Access Control Panel

Software House Access Control Panel: Top of the Line Access Control Manufacturers

Multi-unit Access Control:
Power Supply for Large Commercial
Access System Consisting of
Card Readers and Cameras

Premier Panel Wiring:   Example of
the FCI Standard of Excellence

Conduit Work:   When City Codes
Require Wiring Conduit... No Problem

Ceiling Camera Dome Style:
Closed Circuit TV Cameras
Installed and Out of the Way

Gate Cameras:   Exterior
Property Surveillance

Gate Operator:   High Level
Security Entrance Control -
US Customs Facility


Multi-panel Integration:   Enterprise Level Integration Begins with
Planning, Layout, and
Attention to Detail

Multi-panel Integration:   Part 2 of 2

Multi-panel Project:   Finishing
an Integrated System for Final Inspection

FCI Worksite:   Commercial
Project in Progress

US Customs Building Cameras 1: Camera Surveillance Systems for
High Level Government Facilities

US Customs Building Camera 2: Camera Surveillance Systems for
High Level Government Facilities

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